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"A panel discussion exploring the current regional situation in the Gulf"

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HE Abdulrahman Mohammed Al-Khulaifi, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Brussels, the EU and NATO: 

We in the Middle-East see the Union as a major contributor to the advancement of peace, democracy, reconciliation and human rights in Europe. The Arab world can learn from the European Union which is focusing on peaceful dispute resolution by providing a framework for regional governance.

Qatar has a distinct economic situation and the highest level of transparency, and most importantly, the highest level of security and stability in the Middle East and North Africa region.”

Blockading Qatar is not the solution, the blockade has many consequences, but the most important and the one that must be resolved immediately is the personal toll it has taken on the citizens of the GCC.

Mr. Bill Law, freelance journalist focusing on the Gulf, former BCC reporter :

Qatar has honor its contracts particularly with the Dolphin pipeline, which ships gas to UAE. Qatar Airways’ Offices have been locked in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and numerous contracts were broken.”

Qatar had a different reaction and decided not to break its contracts. Qatar instead has consistently called for dialogue towards reconciliation.”

Mr. Sami Hamdi, Editor-in-Chief of the International Interest magazine:

Qatar is on the right side but negotiations are not easy.”

In the Middle-East truth, justice and rightness takes efforts to achieve.

Qatar has a very effective foreign policy but it’s difficult to achieve stability in a divided region.

Mrs. Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky, Secretary General of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group:

What’s happens in the Gulf region impact us all not only because Qatar is a supplier of gas, but because we are interconnected and the impact of the Syrian war is still felt throughout  Europe. It’s of our interest if the conflict is resolved.

We could have in Europe the same situation that happen in the Gulf region when a country decide to walk away, it wouldn’t be done through wars but by siting down and negotiating.” 


​Middle East Dialogue Centre

Rue Blanche 1, 1000, Brussels



Bill Law

Is an award winning journalist who reported extensively from the Middle East for the BBC.
In addition to numerous radio documentaries, his films have focused on the Arab Spring and its aftermath. Before leaving the BBC in 2014, Mr Law was the corporation’s Gulf analyst.
He now runs, providing analysis and journalism about the Gulf States and the wider MENA region. He is a regular contributor to Middle East Eye, Gulf State Analytics, The Independent, the New Arab, Al Jazeera, BBC and Monocle Radio. 


H.E Abdulrahman Al Khulaifi

Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Brussels, the EU and NATO

Sami Hamdi

Is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Interest. An experienced geopolitical risk consultant.
Sami advises blue-chip clients and global entities around the world on highly volatile business environments in the Middle East as well as the geopolitical dynamics.
Sami has extensive experience in the MENA region having been a television reporter and talk-show host for over 10 years. 


Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky



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Registration & Welcome

Keynote Speech:

H.E Ambassador Abdulrahman Al Khulaifi

Panel discussion:

Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky (Moderator)
Bill Law
Sami Hamdi


Seated Dinner

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